Company Overview


Our turning company was established in 1980. It started out from humble beginnings of one man and a garage, but soon started to expand. Consequently, the growth called for a change in the form of ownership. In 1989 the form of ownership changed from private entrepreneur into limited partnership, and in 1996 Sorvaamo Kivi became a limited liability company (Ltd, Oy in Finnish). Today we employ 9 skilled metalworkers, and our facilities span approximately 1000 square meters (about 10700 sq. ft.).


Our company has been a metal industry subcontractor since the beginning. Today we produce various parts for different equipment and machinery. We use a variety of raw materials, including steel bar and steel tube as well as plastic, aluminium and brass. The production stages typically involve CNC-turning, grinding, honing and assembly. Our reputable partners provide us with the necessary heat treatment and surface finishing. Our up-to-date machinery and well qualified employees guarantee high quality products and excellent services to all our customers. Please visit our Capacity list page for a list of our machinery and equipment.